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Atwater Art Walk 2015

As things get hectic around the holidays, I manage to paint less... So lately I find myself thinking back to this past summer, when I showed two pieces in the 2015 Atwater Artwalk. Works were displayed in local shops and businesses along Glendale Ave, with doors open late, food and drink, and music pouring out into the street. I landed a prime spot on the unblemished white walls of the Courtney and Kurt Real Estate offices. Artists were asked to submit The Story Behind the Art for each piece. I selected two recent works that represent my style, as well as the landscapes around Atwater, my stomping grounds. One is a view along the LA River bike path, and the other is from Echo Park Lake. Atwater village is just down the street from our home. It's a vibrant hood, and an excellent place to hang out. That evening, I was struck by a strong sense of community. I had several friends come out to show support. The festival crew, business owners and fellow artists were a very cool bunch, and I love seeing the creative work that's happening right in my area! I'm looking forward to submitting again in 2016.

- MH 2015

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