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Sketching the Greek Isles

Did you know... that my love of sketching was actually rekindled during my honeymoon last year?

As I recounted in my "Plein Air Goes On Vacation" post, I managed to paint a couple times during our Honeymoon in the Greek Isles of the Cyclades. Leading up to the trip, I knew I wouldn’t manage to paint everyday… but I could sketch!

Armed with a small pad and a sharpie, I did what I know - I looked at the landscape around me. It’s essentially the first step of any plein air painting, and I relished the challenge of capturing slices of the places we visited - the shapes and textures that made them unique.

As our trip progressed, my sketches became an integral part of the day and I am proud to have them as a way to look back and remember what I was feeling, tasting, and hearing as I drew.

Keeping them simple really freed me up to enjoy the process, and the ripples have reached into various projects this year.

If you ever visit Athens, Sifnos, Santorini, and/or Naxos, I hope you get a chance to check out these incredible places yourself. Ahh Greece... I miss you... but I'll be back.

- MH 2016

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