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Finding A Painting Tribe

Creating can be a lonely process. As creators, it’s easy to get caught up in our own heads, and while it’s a beautiful thing to have that space, that private and quiet place to tap into that juice… it’s also an incredible thing to share that space with others.

I’ve had the good fortune to meet some incredibly fun, talented painters to work alongside. We all started taking classes through Barnsdall Art Center here in LA (which is a truly unique and amazing organization) and have continued painting together with our teacher, Aaron Donovan, leading the group to new locations.

Painting alongside others is a constant source of inspiration - we all see the world differently, and there’s no clearer reminder of that than looking at the same view as 6 other people and all making something completely different. I am constantly fired up by the unique points-of-view, the colors, the techniques that everyone brings. And we all face the same frustrations, the same self-doubts. Sharing that experience, and giving each other encouragement and feedback, brings the creative process out of the cave and into the world. Connecting with people and letting them into your process is an act of trust and confidence that can only strengthen you.

There are 100,000 ways to talk yourself out of painting. Life has a way of throwing distractions in your path all the time. Having a regular, set time and place to meet up, and people you like to see, makes it so much easier to actually DO ART! Then you can take that energy and be fresh when you work on your own, fueled by new perspectives.

- MH 2017

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